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5 in 1 iPhone/AirPod Cleaning Kit

5 in 1 iPhone/AirPod Cleaning Kit

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7 in 1 Multifunction Airpods 1/2/3/Pro Electronic Cleaning Kit with Soft Brush for Headphones, Keyboard, Laptop, Phone, Computer Screen - Blue/White

5 in 1 Multifunctional Cleaning Kit: Electronic cleaning kit includes a cleaning pen for Airpods with silicone tip, mini brush and velvet mushroom brush; high density soft brush, cleaning liquid bottle (empty), fiber cloth and key buckle. The kit can clean headphones, keyboards, PC screens, phones, cameras, etc.

3 in 1 foldable cleaning pen : The silicone tip can remove dust and dirt from the headphone holes; the mini brush can clean the surface of headphone mesh; the velvet sponge brush is used to clean charging cases and dirt you can't reach. You just need a cleaning pen to freshen up your headphones. Effective screen cleaning: Equipped with a 5ml spray bottle (without cleaning liquid), you can fill it with screen cleaning liquid, spray an appropriate amount of cleaning liquid on the screen, and then wipe the screen with the fiber cloth, it's so easy and effective!

The spray bottle and fiber cloth can easily remove dirt from mobile phones, computers, screens, lenses, etc., and fingerprints. High-density soft brush and key buckle: High-density brush has dense and suitable soft bristles, it is excellent for cleaning dust in various keyboard and screen crevices. The key clip makes it easy to remove keys for deeper cleaning (note: the key clip is only suitable for mechanical keyboards).

EAN: 7330163314762

Colour: Blue/White

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